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Take Product Styling to the Next Level

Take Product Styling to the Next Level

While there are many benefits to running an online store, you do lose the advantage of the customer being able to touch and hold your product. However, the best way to overcome this is through product styling and the way you showcase your goods. Sure, putting your products on a white background might look good for some people, but this is the perfect opportunity to do something unique! Take advantage of your merchandise and style it to show the size, bring out the color or highlight it in action!

Check out what some of these Tictailers are already doing for inspiration!

olend backpacks

1. Use something unexpected in your product shot, that resonates well with your brand – why not a cactus? We’re a big fan of this gorgeous photo of a backpack by Ölend.

skateboard fat girl skinny boy

2. Check out what Fat Girl Skinny Boy did. Pick an amazing background and hold your product to give it more attitude.


3. Give customers some inspiration as to what they can use your product for – like Sleiwsells did with this cute vintage bowl. Spice it up even more by styling the background to match the colors in your photo.

norwegian design

4. Freywood is another great example of how gorgeous props really do work wonders!


5. When in doubt – shoot your products against a colorful background. It’ll really make them pop and also help you create a specific look and feel for your brand. Above is an organizer from sous-bois.

swedish leathergoods6. Minimalism is never – ever – wrong, in our opinion. Leather inspiration from Smålands Skinnmanufaktur.