How to Celebrate Father’s Day

How to Celebrate Father’s Day

Father’s Day, Sunday, June 21st, is coming up. Of course, we have some quick tips on how you can commend dads around the globe!

1. Create a gift guide 

Show off the products in your store that dads will love and discount them (using our Discounts app).

If you’re looking for a little inspiration for what dads might like, we made a collection of our own.

2. Throw a giveaway on your Instagram

Everyone loves free stuff. The entry mechanism can be as simple as this:

Ask your followers to tag a friend in a comment and get their friend to follow you, too, and they can each win a father’s day gift to give to their dads (or keep for themselves…).

3. Offer express shipping for free

The day is getting close, take advantage of last minute shoppers by offering free same day or rush shipping – worldwide.

That’s it for now. Have you seen any fun Father’s Day campaigns you’d like to share? Do post a comment below!

Mic Drop: Run Your Shop with Our New Android App

Mic Drop: Run Your Shop with Our New Android App

A few months ago, we updated our iPhone app with features to manage your shop. As of today, you can do the same on your Android!

Having your shop in your pocket is simply great. Here are four ways it will make running your business easier:

1. Manage orders from start to finish

You’ll now get immediate notifications on new orders. Yup, immediate. Plus, you’ll always have your customers’ addresses on hand – including when you’re at the post office! Just shipped your package? Use the app to mark the order as shipped and send a message to your customer letting them know it’s on the way.

2. Keep your products looking fresh

Adding products from your phone is super simple – you can even snap and upload product images directly from your device.

3. View stats

Keep track of your sales, visitors, and followers wherever you are. Just think of the power in seeing the weekly impact of adding new products or updating your store!

4. Edit your shop’s appearance

Your shop will never look stale again – you can easily update your shop’s description, set a cover image, and update the text to reflect sales, discounts, and promotions you’re running. People browsing the app will be mega impressed (and motivated to shop, of course!). 

Get the apps here:

tictail android app

tictail iphone app

More Product Images = More Sales

More Product Images = More Sales

The data from Tictail shops (displayed above) shows that if you upload more than one image to your product, you will sell more. In fact, each extra picture gives your product a sales boost – and this is pretty intuitive! The more your customers are able to explore your products online, by seeing them from several different angles (front and back), checking out those important details, and observing the product in motion – the more confident they will feel about purchasing them.

So now that you know this, start snapping away! Also, be sure to check out our guide on how to take the perfect product photos.

How to Write Great Product Descriptions

How to Write Great Product Descriptions

When you have an online store, your customers won’t exactly be greeted by a sales person who is ready to walk them through every step of the purchase. This is why product descriptions are so important! They’re there to inform your customers and get them all psyched about your product!

The second important function of product descriptions is SEO, that is making your product searchable so that people can find your awesome stuff online.

Without further ado, here are five tips on how to write great product descriptions:

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Your Biggest Learning from 2014

Your Biggest Learning from 2014

It’s no secret that the community is a huge source of inspiration to us here at Tictail. You are all just so awesome that it is, frankly, unbelievable. 

We’d be absolutely thrilled if you shared your biggest learning from 2014 with the rest of the community in a comment below!

To kick it off, we reached out to Gustav from Brixtol and asked him to share one of his:

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