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5 Must-Have Tictail Apps

5 Must-Have Tictail Apps
Caroline Hjerpe

When you have a new Tictail, it’s hard to know which apps you need and should have. Maybe you don’t want to spend too much money in the beginning, and it’s hard to know which ones to prioritize. Well, lucky you! Since I started my jewelry brand Caroline Hjerpe, I have tested a lot of apps. Today I’m sharing my top 5 must-have apps with you!

1. Recover abandoned carts – $7.50/month

I added this app pretty early after opening my Tictail – and I have loved it ever since! This app lets you customize the email that gets sent out to customers who have added products to the cart but not fulfilled their purchase. You’re in complete control of your reminder, you can view which country the shopper lives in, if they came back to see their cart again and if they completed their purchase! All in all, this app gives you stats on how much you’ve earned from sending out Recover Abandoned Cart emails!

2. Realtime Currency Converter – Free

This app converts the price of a product to the right currency for the customer. At the bottom of the page, a black window pops up, asking the person browsing your page if they want to show prices in their currency. The app automatically senses which country they are located in. It’s awesome!

3. Discounts – Free

Because everybody loves discounts. You can find this app straight in your dashboard, in the top menu, and don’t need to pay a single cent! A really good way to get your sales going is to have a discount every now and then. You can offer free shipping, 20% off – whatever you like! This app easily helps you add and delete discounts that can either be deducted automatically at checkout or have promo codes connected to them. Tip! It’s also a great idea to add a “Gift Card” to your product selection, for example using the title to clearly state how much the gift card is worth, eg “Gift Card $50”. Once the orders start rolling in, simply create a personal promo code with the name of the person that the gift is for and set the discount to consist of “money off” for the value that the gift card was made for.

4. Sales Trendlines –  $1/month

This app helps you gain control over everything from knowing which products are your best-sellers to acquiring statistics for over-all sales during a certain period of time.

5. Follow plus – $2/month

This is an app that I tried recently and I really like it! It motivates people to follow your store; with a pop-up window that’s viewable when someone enters your shop. I got 25 new followers in just one week using this app! The message in the pop-up window is completely customizable, you could for example offer people who follow you a special discount, that you send them via email as soon as they’ve signed up. The app also let’s you download a file including email addresses of everyone who follows you (both via the pop-up window and via Tictail’s “Follow” button in the top right-hand corner) so you can send your followers newsletter whenever you have an update about your shop.

Check out the full selection of Tictail apps here.

  • Aiyana

    These apps are affordable. I might look into adding these.