“Tictail therefore gets our highly commended 9 out of 10 rating and I believe that if you’re looking to flog a few of your creations online, then this is the best way to do it. The whole interface is so minimalistic, whilst at the time oozes that Scandinavian sense of design, and doesn’t overwhelm in the slightest with endless menus and customisation options.” – Appstorm

“We’re using @tictail for our online shop this year. Don’t usually shout about such things, but blimey, it’s just the best.” – Just So Festival

“I think Tictail has a great interface and customizability. I love how easy it is to use and you really can’t beat the price point.” – Ad Sachan from Treeline Woodworks

Treeline Woodworks

“WOW! WOW! WOW! & WOW! I am just amazed at what you guys have created. From the very minute you look at your own homepage to the time you create your Tictail account and start adding products is just a wonderful experience.” – Hamish from Keh Images

“It takes no more than a few minutes before a new virtual store is ready to accept orders” – The Economist

“My favorite thing about Tictail are the beautiful designs the platform has to offer. It’s literally a no brainer to pick a template and modify it. I love the sideways template I’m using now for mine.” – Olga Montserrat from 12:04

Twelveofour 12:04

“Before Tictail I sold three or four things over a year. But then Tictail came along and I have sold LOTS!” – Charlotte from The Fashion Guitar

“I cannot describe in words how excited I am to have found @tictail today to set up my mom’s webstore.” – @OliviaFagan on Twitter

“Fast, simpel och free e-commerce service” – Internetworld

“The welcome page begs to be touched, pressed and put to immediate use. It’s so simple your cat could go into business just by walking over the keyboard. Tictail gives you the sense that the idea is what counts, that at the heart of every innovation lies a concise thought.” – The Glass Magazine

“Tictail is one of the easiest ways to start selling something online today, it is also one hundred times more beautiful than any of the competitors in the business. ” – I’m With Friends

“There are so many talented and wonderful shops at Tictail. I love how creative people are and how easy it is for people to make things happen on a good platform.” – Kia Kaha

Kia Kaha

“If you’re thinking about opening an ecom shop – I’ve never seen out of the box themes as gorgeous as @tictail” – @kftailor on Twitter

“Having a love affair with @tictail. It takes me under a minute per product to load.” – @_kimmbot on Twitter