Talk to your customers. Straight from the app.

Tictail Talk works just like your favorite messaging apps. You already know how to use it.

Your customers have questions. Tictail Talk makes answering easy.

Whether your customers are unsure about sizing or want to see another photo before placing an order, a quick answer is a great way to build trust and establish a relationship.

Beautiful cards. More powerful than plain text.

Embed a product or discount and they will become interactive cards that your customers can engage with. When an order is placed or shipped, a card is automatically added to the conversation. This creates a timeline that's simple to follow for you and your customers.

Talk with our support. An easier way to get help.

Tictail Talk can also be used to get in contact with our support team. Simply write a message in your conversation with Tictail Help.

Targeted messages to groups. Giving a little something extra.

Groups lets you send messages to customer segments, based on their purchase and browsing history. Want to reward your top customers with a discount? Or maybe give your new followers background on previous collections? Groups makes this fast and targeted.

Download the app today.

Tictail Talk is available now in our mobile apps. A web dashboard version is coming soon.

Wait, I still don't get it.

How do I use Tictail Talk?

  1. Open or download the Tictail Mobile App (hang tight, we’re working on a web version as well).
  2. Click the "New message" icon in the top right corner of the Talk tab.
  3. Select the group you want to send your message to: 1) your shop's followers that have not yet made a purchase or 2) previous customers of your shop.
  4. Select if you want to share an image, product or discount - and write the text of your message.
  5. Press send. It’s as easy as that!

Why should I use Tictail Talk?

Tictail Talk is the perfect way to decrease the gap between you and your customers. Our data clearly shows that shoppers who engage with a brand before a purchase, is twice as likely to buy again in the near future. Tictail Talk is built to help you engage with both your followers and customers, to give them the most personal shopping experience possibly. Did we also mention Tictail Talk is fast, responsive and accessible for your customers and followers directly from within your store?! Download the app, and try it now!

Who gets my group updates?

In your Talk tab you have two different groups: 1) your shop's followers that have not yet made a purchase and 2) previous customers of your shop. If you choose customers, everyone that has ever purchased from your store will get your message. If you choose followers instead, everyone that has signed up to follow your store will receive the message.

Where are my messages sent?

New messages will automatically appear in the Talk tab; which looks very similar to your own conversation list for customers as well. If your customers are not yet using Tictail Talk, the message will automatically be sent to their email address instead. Likewise, if a customer, who does use Tictail Talk, doesn’t check the message within a couple of minutes, your message will be sent to their email address. This way they will never miss a message!

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