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Home and Life Shop | Self care Sustainability & Community | Handmade Small Batch Goods | For you + Your home | ATX Owner @cocophillips #shopseephillips
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Home and Life Shop | Self care Sustainability & Community | Handmade Small Batch Goods | For you + Your home | ATX Owner @cocophillips #shopseephillips
Exploring art and nature.

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These are the hands creating , shaping and forging opportunities for myself and for womxn of color in contemporary craft and jewelry.  These are the hands that should attain more visibility, for the sake of the artists, their abilities, need to sustain themselves and build through career development.  These are the hands that should be visible for the hopes of inspiring others to follow the path because black womxn are just as skilled as the regular roster.
I just want to take a second to give thanks for the small things.  I have a beautiful road trip to New Mexico ahead of me. I think I might bring my materials with me.  These new silk will be full of the spirit of New Mexico. I am preparing for the spring @crafthermarket. I will also have some goods available at the South Congress Hotel shop next month. I am so excited to be a part of the Austin creative community and hope that more women and non-binary are inspired by the work.

The richness of the golden yellow achieved using turmeric as a dyestuff is stunning.  It’s one of my happy colors and it looks amazing on all complexions.

On this rainy day is Austin, let’s imagine the warmth of the sun is embracing each of us. 
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Now let us just take a moment to acknowledge the beauty of nature. This habitat silk scarf has been dyed with natural dyestuffs; red onion skins, yellow onion skins, and Osage orange tree bark.  Scarf photographed with copper firefly sculptures. #naturaldye #habotaisilk #womenowned
“We hold the power!” For International Women’s Day I decided to share one of my favorite illustration artist @mosaiceye .  She empowers, challenges, educates, and advocates for women.  Her illustrations depict women of color in ways that identify with the actual bodies she aims to speak to.  I appreciate the rawness of her stroke and choice of color. I value my encounters with her work because the seem to keep me balanced.

#Repost @mosaiceye
We hold the power with our care, our creativity, our solidarity. We hold the power with our rage, our action, our inner revolution. We hold the power with our pain, our pleasure, our visualization and manifestation of us in a brighter world held with compassion. 🙌🏽 🧚🏾‍♀️ 🙌🏻 👯‍♀️ 🙌🏿 🌍 🙌 👯‍♀️ 🙌🏾 🧚🏾‍♀️ 🙌🏿 Tag a sister who is holding it up with you.💕
#internationalwomxnsday #internationalwomansday #womxnsday #everyday #weholdthepower
Onion skins are one of my favorite dyestuffs.  It’s a good food waste that is easy to access.  You can achieve many hues with and without mordants. 
I have been working on ways to bring the creative experience to of my audience.  See Phillips products are created with processes I considered meditative and relaxing.  The act of making art is a form of self-care. 
I will be launching my new website really soon! Natural dye kits will be available for purchase.  If you find me at a market I have some available!

#naturaldye #naturaldyeing #naturaldyes #womenempowerment




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