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LYNK & CO Will Change the Way You Experience Driving


The world has changed—but cars have not. This was the fundamental problem facing the founders of LYNK & CO, who had long been disappointed by the sluggish evolution of the auto industry. Luckily for them (and for all of us), those frustrations are about to hit the road. Today, the company celebrates its official launch as a revolutionary new car brand designed to push the industry’s long-standing limits—and we at Tictail couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it.

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“We have decided to end the game of follow the leader,” the company says. But what does this mean for you? For one: It’s a whole new way of owning and operating a car. It’s also an innovative, forward-thinking, and completely redefined experience of mobility.

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A few of the car’s stand-out features:

An open platform. Collaborating with Microsoft, Alibaba, and Ericsson, LYNK & CO have devised a cutting-edge digital platform with an open API—one that’s meant to stir up “endless opportunities to personalize, enrich and expand the automobile experience.”

Sharable locks. Say goodbye to conventional physical locks. All LYNK & CO cars will be equipped with technology that allows users to give friends, family, and co-workers access to their cars whenever they choose.

Electrified powertrains. All LYNK & CO cars will utilize Compact Modular Architecture (technology shared with Volvo), which boasts top-notch safety features and “the latest powertrain, driving dynamics, and connectivity technology.”

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“For someone who loves cars, technology and challenger brands, the last few years have been exciting. Our team has all the industry experience required to build a premium car,but this time we started from blank—without the limitation of a brand heritage,” says Senior Vice President Alain Visser. “We set out to challenge industry conventions in order to build a modern experience that goes far beyond the actual product. What we now have is a first-class, ultra-connected car, an open platform and a brand that will be developed collaboratively over the years. This is just the beginning.”

LYNK & CO cars will be available online and at select in-store locations.

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