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Research shows that on average, clothing is worn just seven times before it’s thrown out.

That’s largely thanks to the fast fashion phenomenon, which sends trends straight from runway to retailer quickly and cheaply. The problem with fast fashion? It’s hard to know exactly how and where clothes are made. Any given garment is (literally) one of millions. And nothing’s made to last longer than a passing trend. It’s forgettable, disposable, faceless.

At Tictail, we’re proud to show the world the many faces of our global community—people who put time, thought, and care into everything they make. Here, each brand has a face. Every product has a story. And everything you’ll find is as unique as you are.

Be unique

When something’s made with care, the difference is in the details, from hand-sewn lining to one-of-a-kind embellishments. You won’t find that at any mass market retailer.

Top: Santosh Jumpsuit: Wray Earrings: La Geometrie Shoes: De Ubieta Handbag: Atelier Batac

Know the story

Get to know the people behind the products you love. Have a question or just want to say hi? On Tictail, you can get in touch with brands directly.

(Left) Jacket, pants: Le Stockholmsyndrome Top: Randolph Earrings: Tarin Thomas (Middle) Top: Dolores Haze Dress: Ida Klamborn (Right) Coat: Ifeelnut Top, pants: ESP Earrings: Sanktoleono

Empower yourself—and others.

Being intentional about what you buy means you’re taking the reins on expressing your personal style. Plus, shopping Not Faceless means you’re supporting emerging brands with every purchase.

Left Coat: ESP Top, jumpsuit: Ifeelnut Socks: CORNAËRT Shoes: Hypnotic Yellow Right Coat: Juan Carlos Pajares Dress: Wray Shoes: LAX

“Our focus is on high-end, quality products that will last, so we spend a tremendous amount of time carefully choosing our fabrics and trim.”

Top: MAMAMA Coat, pants: Arethé Stockholm Socks: CORNAËRT Shoes: Hypnotic Yellow

“Being a young brand run by a small team means that we’re very involved in every step of the design and production process.”

Left Blazer: The Bee’s Sneeze Top: Ida Klamborn Pants: Gaadjka Shoes: Freakloset Ring: Tarin Thomas Right Top: SELVA \ NEGRA Pants: Wray Belt: Distyled Shoes: Deuxième Studios Earrings: Sanktoleono Ring: Tarin Thomas

“I don’t really want to say that I make fashion—I’m telling stories.”

Jacket, pants: Le Stockholmsyndrome Top: Randolph

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