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milou trouwborst

milou trouwborst

Hi! My name is Milou. I'm an illustrator based in the Netherlands. Here you can find my work as a postcard, print or an original work!


About milou trouwborst

My name is Milou Trouwborst (26), I'm an illustrator living and working in Utrecht, The Netherlands. My studio is located on a beautiful little island. This inspiring island is the place were my ideas end up on paper or are created with other materials.

In this shop you can buy the out come of my ideas as a postcard, an artprint, or the original work. All products are handled with care and personally sent by me. In this process I aim to work with as little waste and sustainable products as possible. My prints and postcards are locally printed on 100% recycled, FSC® Recycled and European Ecolabel certified paper.
I try to send every order within 2 working days and I will always let you know when I do :-)

If you have any questions or request, please don't hesitate to contact me! You can sent me a message to

You can follow me on Instagram or visit my website

Instagram posts

🚻 An unused sketch for a fashion forecast article about unisex clothing 💛

Technically, today is sunday for me. Haha, I know, not a very good excuse to be so late with my still life sunday project idea 🤭 Butttt I had to work last minute at my side job this weekend & I forgot my pencil case at the studio... Apologies aproved? 
Well, not that I ever want to feel like I have to apologize for what I do or didn’t post ;-) I now a lot of you want me to post mostly illustration work, but I still keep posting my holiday pics or a nature walk or my dinnerplate 🤷‍♀️ But ofcourse I can, since this is my personal account and I am not a brand. Just a little reminder for myself that this instagram place is not there to get the most likes or following, but for my personal practice, inspiration, some sort of diary and sharing what is on my mind (mostly the good stuff obviously). This painting is from my workspace at home! Did not create it there because at the moment it is freezing since there is no heater 🙃 
Woahhh I made 3D things! This pink one will be blue. Can’t wait how it will turn out after the last firing 🔥 And then, lets see how maybe some illustration will be combined with it... What do you think? 🤔 
Still life sunday 🌾
Because sundays are for having no alarm waking you up, for drinking tea, spending time with family, enjoying a walk ... and in some cases for working. What ever your sunday's are like, from now on I'm going to share a still life, every sunday! Just to remember (myself) to take it easy, have a tea, read a book or take some time for contemplation. And to keep my own practice going :-)
Here's to number 1 & to the rest that will follow!🥂
(please (hash)tag me if you want me to draw your photo, I might!)
My (grandma's) collection 📦
A lot of my paper, brushes and other things I work with, belong to my, now very old, grandma. Some of them which I use daily and some of them which I don't realy know where they're used for. I could fill many tables (and walls) with the stuff I got from her and my grandpa, whom collected a crazy and beautiful collection of things and art from around the world. 
This is what was currently laying around at my studio, there's a lot more (mostly cooking and sewing related) at home 💛
Cleaning up my studio GIVE AWAY : what to do with a leftover 2018 agenda? 📅 Well, give it to someone who was to late buying one for this new year 🐣 Also I'm giving away a huuuuge "we zouden kunnen gaan zitten" poster. 
If you like to have one of those, please let me know in the comments which one and I will pick someone by thursday evening 👀 ( It’s never to late for a new agenda or new (years) resolutions ! 📓 ) ***** please note that both products are in dutch and shipping costs are on your account ***** #giveaway#agenda#agenda2018#nevertolateforanewagenda#poster#poems#plint#ditisplint#miloutrouwborst
Zoom in - uit DICHTER ☁️ #illustration#drawing#painting#art#instaart#artistsofig#illustratie#tekening#landscape#landscapepainting#structures#miloutrouwborst
New year, new hobbies; where I will spend my monday evenings for the next couple of months🍶 So excited! @atelier_werfklei & with my friend @floorrehbach !
#ceramics #werfklei
Happy 2018! ✨ I came home to a looot of christmas/new years cards on the door mat, most of them from myself though 😉 
Coming home from a trip on januari 1st is the best day of all. Taking my time to land and easily roll into the new year. (the only day in the year no one would care if you would spend your whole day doing nothing at all besides staying in bed and eating oliebollen, if you ask me)
This year I hope not to bother you any longer with my old work, and make space for new projects and ideas that my mind is full of right now. I feel very happy you are still hanging around at my insta and webshop and I hope to keep you happy for the next 365 days! 
Wish you all the best for 2018! ✨💋 p.s. Can someone please come and bring me their leftover oliebollen?
It is a colourful beach, that is for sure 🐚💗 #shells#trash#plastic#beach
Had some linnen clothes made with some of my favorite (drawing) colours 🌈 Eventhough I wish I would not like to wear black, it turns out I do wear it 90% of the time, it just feels like the safest and easiest option. 
Picking fabrics and drawing the design I wanted made me feel like a princess ;-) As I often don’t like what the stores offer, you will probably see me only wearing this small wardarobe for the next year 💁‍♀️