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Lily Kong

Lily Kong

Prints, cards and paintings by London-based Illustrator

United Kingdom

About Lily Kong

b. 1995 UK, based in London. Lily Kong is an Illustrator and graphic designer who explores, experience and create happy work through vivid eyes. She believes bringing joy and happiness to viewers is a fundamental purpose of a creative work. She is also half of Hi Bye Studio.

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Instagram posts

Spring No.1 🌷🌷🌷
Inspired by the wonderful work by @woodylaulau
Dedicated to my parents💐
I did a mural for mum’s garden on New Year’s day! Drew flowers and a garden scene based on ours and our baby cat Pudding too!🤡 My first project in 2018, with help from my loveliest pals @cwt_rebecca + @kkkkongyat
A rainy day today💙

Also “A rainy day” by Loveholic is perfect for the weather😢
Just staring
Happy International Women’s Day🌹Keep👊slaying👊ladies👊
Vacation No.4 - just me walking my dog🐕🚶‍♀️Also my submission to Dog Park an upcoming publication by @hibyestudio 🤓
I made a new zine called GOOD BOY. as it suggests, its full of dogs🤡 It will be up in the shop very soon! Keep an eye of this boy yah🤓🤙
Weekend medication zzZZ
Vacation# 3 🌴🌿🌺
Inspired by @kewgardens as usual - I just really love the green🌷
Only a few days til Monday! Submit your doggos to @hibyestudio upcoming doggo publication! We want some full page A4 portrait or A3 landscape Illustrations❤️ Email 🙌
Snowing so much this week💙☃️💙
A super lovely weekend with lovely pals - with NO DRAWING AT ALL🎊 (how crazy! not even one single little drawing)