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Storytelling, conceptual, emotive art by Lieke Anna, a Dutch artist who loves to share stories that reflect the fragility and strength of mankind

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Storytelling, conceptual, emotive art by Lieke Anna, a Dutch artist who loves to share stories that reflect the fragility and strength of mankind

Is a storytelling artist.
Born in 1988 in Breskens, NL
Graduated in 2011 from the School of Arts in Tilburg, NL

Lieke Anna explores the fragility and strength of the human and looks into the space between.
As a self-portrait artist, she photographs herself as the character in the stories she captures in her images.
Stories inspired by her childhood and journey through life.
She is not afraid of the dark, shuns not the light.
Through her work she searches for a way, a horizon, a wideness.
And shows, that it is okay, to not be okay.

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Rooted she stands
Levelled with the ground
The earth
Her equal
She breaks loose
Is a powerfull word on her lips
She's often tasted it
But merely spoken
Out of fear
For what'd come
Now she stands rooted
As a firm tree
Try and knock her over
She'll give a little
But you won't break her
Grounded she stands
Where she needs to
A few weeks ago I proudly presented the fact that I would be exhibiting. My very first solo exhibition. But sometimes things don't feel the way they should.
Me being the intuitive person that I am, has decided to cancel the exhibition.
It didn't feel right. It felt like it wasn't about my art, but about other things.
There may be people that think I'm crazy. To let go of such an opportunity. But for me, staying true to who I am, what I feel, to my intuition and heart is what's most important.
If you base your decision off your intuition, you can never go wrong, because it felt right at the time you decided.
In saying no to something, you are also saying yes to yourself and to possibilities that may even exceed your wildest dreams.
#fineartphotography #conceptualphotography #conceptart #themysterypr0ject #sombrebeings #liekeanna #drunenseduinen
She Embraced Her Dark
She has fought it in silence
Pretended it didn’t exist
Even tried running from it
But was always dismissed
She has stared it right in the eye
Feared it’d never leave
Begged it for forgiveness
Was left in disbelief
She has been right here
Many times before
Even when she thought
She’d shut down the door
She felt defeated
Her eyes bloodshed
Only to realize
It was all in her head
This image is the first I’ve edited from my Iceland series I shot two and a half months ago and I am so incredibly proud to say that this image will be shown during the annual Fotonale in Bruges, Belgium!
Last week I showed this piece during an all women business event of one of my good friends @anne_quaars and the response was overwhelming. I have been in love with this image for a while and I am so glad that I get to share this with you now! It really embodies the fragility and the immense forse and greatness of nature.
This image, as a lot of my work, is available as a limited edition fine art print, mounted on aluminium with a wooden frame. If you would like to receive more information, please feel free to send me a message on here or e-mail me directly:
#reynisfjara #iceland #vik #blacksandbeach #mystopover #bigboldbrave
There it is! The first promo of the secret project I’ve been working on for months in collaboration with none other than Stef Bos!

The past few months we’ve had several meetings. We did a road trip to Germany, near the Czech border. We had a business meeting in the artist-foyer of the Vrijthof theatre and now we’ll meet in Ieper this weekend for our final get together before Stef leaves for the other side of the world!

This is the most beautiful and exciting adventure my photography has ever taken me on! I sometimes have to pinch myself that I get to do what I do. 
This journey that we’re on is so extraordinary and I am enjoying every stap of the way!

I promise you that we’ll soon reveal what we’ve been creating over the course of the last months! 
#liekeanna #stefbos #fineart
“I have no place anymore
No place anymore
For this sorrow
Swallows me whole
To spit me right back out
Leaving me hollow
I have no place anymore
Enough is enough
The maze and its paths
To places
No one wants to go
Has to close
There is no place”
Sometimes words, an image, comes to you and there’s no other way than to let it guide you in the moment it happens
Like last night, when I wrote these words
And this morning, when I created this image to accompany those words
Sometimes inspiration finds you
What you do with it, is up to you
#vulnerability #fragility #liekeanna #fineartphotography
When I put my mind to something 
I go after it
Whole hearted
Full speed ahead 
Pushing through
Giving it my all
Because when I believe in something, my ambitious self takes over and I crave good results
In the moment I get into this enthusiastic, waggling, jumping, eager puppy mode
But that mode draws from a source that isn’t bottomless
When I’ve used up the all the energy from the well, reality hits me hard in the face and forces me to take a step back
My focus will weaken, I’ll feel tired and apathetic, my mind will be all over the place and little things will feel overwhelming 
Instead of trying to fight it, (and never winning), I have learned to accept it and take time to recharge. It’s so important to take good care of yourself. That way you can achieve the best in your work, be a better friend and a better person altogether. To be honest, I still find this very difficult. Because it feels weak to take recharge days when others seemingly are able to be in continuous beast mode. But there is no point in comparing yourself to others really. There’s only you, doing you. She said firmly, while still trying to believe it herself ;)
#fineartphotography #recharge #conceptualphotography #liekeanna
Paralysing thoughts
Running around
Like endless circles 
Nailing her to the ground
She became a patient of her own thoughts
Caught in the dark
Frozen in the light
I took this selfportrait in the parking lot of a Lidl last year in Croatia and thought it’d be very fitting for today 👻
#conceptualphotography #selfportraiture #fineartphotography


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