Tictail Ethical Guidelines

General guidelines and process


We at Tictail, Inc. (“Tictail,” “we,” “us,” or “our”) have created the following ethical guidelines and policies (“Ethical Guidelines”) to expand and clarify Tictail’s ethical stance. You’re bound to the Ethical Guidelines, too: they’re part of the Agreement, and by using the Service you agree that you have read them, that you understand them, and that you will comply with them.

If you see any capitalized terms that aren’t defined in these Ethical Guidelines, they’ll have the meaning we give them elsewhere in the Agreement.

If a Merchant or Store does not comply with these Ethical Guidelines, access to the Store may be removed without notice for both the Merchant and any Visitors or Users, and the Merchant may be refused further access to the Service.


Counterfeit Products

Counterfeit products may not be sold in Stores. This includes the sale of used, second-hand counterfeit products.



Firearms, live ammunition, arrows, throwing stars, silencers, ammunition magazines/clips, tear gas, explosive material, knives (including but not limited to butterfly, switchblade, concealed/disguised, fighting or otherwise offensive), or other weapons intended to cause bodily harm are not permitted on Tictail. Non-functioning replicas, toys, antiques or decorations resembling weapons may be sold. Knives and other sharpened equipment primarily intended for use in cooking, crafts/construction or hunting may sold.


Offensive goods

Goods or materials that promote, encourage, or incite violent acts, intolerance or hatred may not be sold or promoted on Tictail. This includes products or goods that defame or slander any person or groups of people based on race, ethnicity, religion, sex, or other factors.


Used products

Used or second hand products (“Used Products”) may be sold in Stores.

Used Products must be clearly and conspicuously designated as such in the product description. Suitable descriptions such as “Second Hand”, “Used”, “Refurbished”, and “Vintage” may be used.

Merchants may not provide fraudulent, misleading or incorrect descriptions and photographs of the Used Products, but photographs may depict the product as new or in original packaging, if it is otherwise clear that the product is a Used Product.


Stolen goods

Stolen goods may not be sold in Stores. Tictail cooperates with the authorities as required by law.


Adult / Sexually Explicit content

Sexually explicit or adult-oriented products may be sold in Stores. Merchants must designate such Products as unsuitable for minors in the Store and in any product descriptions or relevant forms provided to Tictail.


Drugs & drug making ingredients, prohibited goods

Controlled substances, illegal drugs, prescription drugs, designer drugs or research chemicals may not be sold in Stores.



Endangered species, goods banned from trade

Tictail observes and enforces the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (“CITES”) http://www.cites.org, which regulates the trade of endangered wildlife and fauna. Products in violation of CITES may not be sold in Stores.


Goods requiring license to sell or acquire

Goods which require a license and registration for purchase may only be sold in Stores if the Merchant complies with all applicable laws and regulations. Tictail cooperates with the authorities as required by law.


Use of photographs

Photographs are protected by applicable copyright laws. Tictail’s copyright and other intellectual property enforcement is governed by our Infringement Policy.


Illegal services

Prostitution, or sale of other services of sexual manner (streaming, live shows or other) , gambling, or any other solicitation or offer of illegal or immoral services is not allowed in the Stores or otherwise in connection with the Service.



If Tictail is presented with specific cases that do not fall within the guidelines described above, but in Tictail’s reasonable view breaches established moral and ethical boundaries, Tictail reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the Store.


Reporting an infringement

Please report infringement or abuse against these Ethical Guidelines to infringement@tictail.com.

See our Infringement Policy for more information.


DATE: Version in effect from 2015.11.23