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Unique handtufted interior textiles

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Unique handtufted interior textiles
Handtufted interior and art textiles made for YOU!

The interior textiles made by HW TEXTIL are of handtufted wool. The yarn comes from New Zealand and Europe and are of top quality. Wool is a renewable resource with a natural, repellent coating of fat.
The woollen yarn used is carded with coarse fibers, making carpets durable and sustainable.
This means that a hand-tufted rug is an environmentally friendly option which can be used for many years.

Wool does not burn like other fibers, so the rugs do not need to be treated with flame retardants. Woollen rugs are also good for people with allergies as they pick up dust and dirt particles.

Each product is a unique craft. Compressed air pushes the yarn through the canvas. To lock all the tufts in place a second backing is placed on the back of the rug and then latex is brushed onto the backing. The pile is cut by hand and possible relief effects are produced by carving.
All tufted products shed a little in the beginning, Vacuum cleaning of the textile frequently will shorten the time of shedding. Bold colours can fade, especially if the textile is exposed to direct sunlight.

Care instructions
Vacuum regularly. The product can be aired outdoors sometimes, lying flat and absolutely do not whip it.
Should be scrolled if it is stored, don´t ever fold the rug. Remove stains with textile shampoo immediately.
Should be submitted to a reputable laundry for foam washing.

Instagram posts

Min vy från Kalevaland har fått en sån fin plats hos @viktorcrafts! 
3 meter hög ljuddämpare med lugg i härligt ullgarn! 
Resten av butiken är också jättefin och höstmysig, välkommen in! .
My long...or tall wallhanging did get such a great place in the beautiful crafts shop @viktorcrafts in Mariehamn! 3 meters high, it does not fit everywhere, but here it is superb. And maybe it finds a real home soon...
#hwtextil #handtuftat #inredningstextil #Kalevaland
Testade på att göra lite infattningar av mina vävda band på metallåterbrukskursen i helgen. Lärde mig mer och mer för varje försök och roligt var det. Får väl se om det blir någon utveckling av dessa. . 
Tried to make a mounting of my woven bands by reusing metal tins, I was enjoying myself on a course recycling metal this weekend. I learned a lot at least... and I like the idea to use old cans in something like this. But it´s a new craft again to learn. But fun!
#hwtextil #tabletweaving #recycling #metallåterbruk #brickbandvävning #montering #rolighelg #mountingband
Super close up, sneak peak....
Igång med tuftningen till sommarutställningen. Vill inte visa för mycket...
#hwtextil #handtuftning #handtuftedtextiles #upcycling #återbrukademöbler #upcycledfurniture #fantasiblommor
Städade lite i lådor från studietiden i Åbo igår och hittade den här lilla stumpen brickband som jag vävt för ca 25 år sedan. Och nu håller jag på och snöar in på det igen...lite intressant hur saker kommer upp igen i ens medvetande. .
A little piece of a tabletweave I made about 25 years ago when I was studying. Found it in a box yesterday when I was looking for something else. .
 #hwtextil #weaving #brickband #tabletweaving #bandvävning
Change of plan, change of yarns! The ones to the right are the ones I am going to use...and it makes me happy! .
Hade redan fin skiss och plan men man är ju inte sämre än att man kan ändra sig. Och färgerna till höger som jag nu ska använda trivs jag väldigt bra med!
#hwtextil #handtuftning #handtuftedtextiles #yarns #colors #älskarfärg #tufting #sommarutställning2019
En solig dag i arbetsrummet för gurkan och mig! .

Wonderful sunny autumn morning in my workroom. I have a cucumber pal in the window, couldn't throw it out when there still were baby cucumbers growing on it... 🌱
#handtuftning #handtuft #gurkplanta #närväxthusetharstängt #cucumber #workingpals #handtuftedtextiles #soligt


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