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In 2017, just 32 of the CEOs on the Fortune 500 list were women.

Tictail is home to thousands of female-run businesses worldwide—that’s thousands of trailblazing, rule-breaking, risk-taking CEOs. This year, for Women’s History Month, we’re writing our own list, sharing the story of one female-founded brand each day.

March 31

Sophie Nothnick-Moustafa and Meghna Prakash,

From embroidered t-shirts to ikat dresses, linen overalls to layered muslin tops, this Parisian brand produces ethically made pieces meant to be worn year-round.

"It's important to learn when to be stubborn and when to be flexible. Staying true to your values can be hard when you’re starting out and need to earn money, but it'll pay off in the long run."

Rethink everything you’ve ever believed about the word “CEO.”

The founders on this list come from 11 cities across the globe. They don’t fit one look, identity, background, or business model. To us, they represent the modern CEO: strong, smart, self-starting, and female.

Featured this month

March 1
Eva Gernandt, ByMutti
From tattoos to high tea

March 2
Lina Nordin, Deuxième Studios
Putting best feet forward

March 3
Egle Zvirblyte, Egle Zvirblyte
Believing in badass

March 4
Ida Klamborn, Ida Klamborn
Statement-making style

March 5
Maria Sainte, Sainte Maria
Drawing the fine

March 6
Kristen Gonzalez & Sam Romero, SELVA \ NEGRA
Supporting fellow females

March 7
Cindy Hsu Zell, WKNDLA
Empowering self-expression

March 8
Wray Cook, WRAY
Artistic ensembles

March 9
Claire Pignot, Heinui
Pairing sweet with offbeat

March 10
Ale Bremer, Ale Bremer Jewelry
Craftsmanship at the core

March 11
Shani Lax, LAX
Bringing heart to sole

March 12
Anissa Meddeb, ANISSA AIDA
Recreating classics

March 13
Steffi Aluoch, Art by Aluoch
Self-care through art

March 14
Aliyah Hussain, Aliyah Hussain
Ear candy, elevated

March 15
Carolina Mizrahi, Carolina Mizrahi
From surreal to sublime

March 16
Eleonora Arosio, Eleonora Arosio
Making color cool

March 17
Kym Chambers, Foreign Domestic
Cutting-edge carryalls

March 18
Valeria and Duciel Veras, THE LABEL
The not-so-basics

March 19
Jessica Jasmine, Tsunja
Favoring slow fashion

March 20
Anita Berisha, Anita Berisha
Playing by ear

March 21
Kaye Blegvad, Dog Years
Light in the dark

March 22
Samantha Giordano, Dolores Haze
Designs on change

March 23
Jenny Wang, Petite Studio
Celebrating small

March 24
Lisette Ffolkes, Jam + Rico
Cultural keepsakes

March 25
Alice Wietzel, Alice Wietzel
Femininity in full color

March 26
Mar del Hoyo, Levens
Intuitive artistry

March 27
Maja Säfström, M A J A S B O K
Animal prints aplenty

March 28
Aniella Matejovsky, El Museo Studio
Energetic accessories

March 29
Kylie Nakao, Tarin Thomas
Elegance in opposites

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