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Spoon feed.

What's blue and loved by our storekeepers? The feed of course! Your app can use it to give information, tasks or just about anything in bitesized chunks.

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And this is your content.
So much room for activities!

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Dead easy API.

Tictail is all about easy and our API is no exception. Easy tools breed easy apps. Apps for thousands of small businesses.

With a few simple keystrokes you can get all the products of a store. Or recent orders. In fact there's loads more for you to quench your thirst for JSON with. You should have a look at our API reference.



Look and feel.

We’ve built a UI kit based on Bootstrap so that you can spend more time developing great apps while still having that Tictail look and feel.


Card on file.

One click is all it takes to buy and use your app. How you ask? We've securely stored your future users credit card information. Foresight.

Automated billing.

Managing payments is too much of a chore for a rockstar developer like yourself. Why not let us take care of it instead? Deal. High five!

Get social.

Your app can get social. Stores have followers and these are your friends. Treat them right and songs will be sung in your honor.

Growing by the minute.

Obviously now would be a pretty good time to make your first app.

Let's build.

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