Tictail Developers

Tictail for developers

Tictail is the easiest way to start an online store, and with Tictail apps, you have the opportunity as a developer to empower thousands of small businesses around the world or build custom integrations that supercharge your own stores.

Creating an integration

Whether you want to build an integration for yourself or others on Tictail you need to register an app to get proper access to the API.

  1. Create your developer account. Already have a Tictail account? Just login.
  2. Create a sandbox store. Use it to test your app on!
  3. Register an app. You’re good to go. It’s that simple.


Once you have registered your app you can start integrating with the Tictail API. The Tictail API is what you’ll use to read, write and update data in the Tictail stores using your app. We have tried to make the API understandable for humans and machines alike, using standard HTTP verbs and status codes and JSON-formatted responses for everything, including errors.

Check out the API Documentation to get started.


Tictail let storeowners modify the entire look and feel of their shops. To do so you need to change the store’s theme via the built in theme editor. Besides being able to utilize the full set of web technologies such as html, css and javascript, themes also rely on template tags.

Template tags provide the dynamic content required to render a store’s data. These tags help create more dynamic pages by allowing you to create blocks of code that are only rendered when certain conditions are met.

Check out the themes section for a full tag reference.