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CarouLLou - special jewelry selection ... inspired by traveling around the world...

CarouLLou - special jewelry selection

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CarouLLou - special jewelry selection ... inspired by traveling around the world...
90 countries & 24 years later...

My special Jewelry selection, inspired by my travels around the world...

Some 20 years ago, I left my native country and decided to 'jump into the unknown'... I am ever since Nomad of modern times, traveling and living in great metropolises of the world.
I love to 'Travel in style' & be inspired by all the different cultures...
I enjoy creating my own looks by mixing clothes i get from different countries...
I also often redesign to give my unique feel (& to fit my lifestyle of traveling light ! )
I do have some Designer pieces & I do have others without any known brand, so I do not care if what it has a name or not.... I don't care either if it is from this year latest fashion trend & or if it is from another year ...
& I love everything I wear as much, no matter if I got it at full price, or got it for almost nothing in a street market or a thrift shop...
For me, Style It is all about being inspired... all about being creative, expressing my own uniqueness & own personality... all about being my true self !

I'm very excited to laughed my new jewelry store ! (this has become the 4th time over the past 18 years. The 1st time was offline (a long time ago ;-)... Then i went online with my special jewelry pieces, so 2nd time was when I was in Bangkok in 1998, and the 3rd time when i was in Florence in 2003)

I hope you will enjoy wearing them as much as I do !


Your CarouLLou

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Instagram posts

MALTA...stairs of stone and sun-☉
(while on amazing journey with my @nomadcruise tribe )
RIO DE JANEIRO 🌞 my jump of the day!
PAESTUM  Italia... know why it was once upon a time paradise...
SANTA CRUZ de Tenerife .. a la puerta del azul naranja
ARRECIFE... Lanzarote ❤
CASABLANCA 🌏 at the doorstep of wonders...

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CarouLLou - special jewelry selection