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Manowar - Fighting The World (CD)

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ATCO - 1987

1."Fighting the World"3:53
2."Blow Your Speakers"3:43
3."Carry On"4:18
4."Violence and Bloodshed"4:00
6."Drums of Doom"1:14
7."Holy War"4:45
8."Master of Revenge"1:34
9."Black Wind, Fire and Steel"5:16

ATCO - 1987 1."Fighting the World"3:532."Blow Your Speakers"3:433."Carry On"4:184."Violence and Bloodshed"4:005."Defender"6:056."Drums of Doom"1:147."Holy War"4:458."Master of Revenge"1:349."Black Wind, Fire and Steel"5:16 Eric Adams - vocalsRoss the Boss - guitar, keyboardsJoey DeMaio - 4, 8 strings bass guitarsScott Columbus - drums
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