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We just raised our Series A! Expect a busy 2014


Dear Tictailers,

Today it was announced that Tictail just closed a Series A investment of $8 million led by the wonderful team at Thrive Capital in New York.

We’re so incredibly proud over what we have created together with you. Since we launched almost two years ago we’ve grown into a community of 35,000 entrepreneurs across 110 countries. It’s important to think about the stories behind these metrics. Your stories. The entrepreneurs that are creating great businesses with beautiful stores selling everything from wine to furniture. Using Tictail they are, like you, investing in something they deeply care about doing and products that they love. It’s an amazing and vibrant community to which we at Tictail owe the best years of our lives and we feel privileged to be part of it. Thank you.

Today, Tictail helps you create a beautiful online store for free. Helping entrepreneurs establish an online presence, find consumers and help them sell is definitely essential to our goals. However, our vision stretches beyond that even. We strive to aid entrepreneurship to a further extent. Dare one dream?

When we think about Tictail and its place in the future, we think about a company that makes the world smaller by enabling small businesses to act on a global scale. A home for businesses online. Where we invest in global shipping infrastructure to eliminate barriers across markets. Allowing consumers to pick-up their orders from you in one of our many concept stores across all major cities. There, they will also be able to browse other exciting products within our community and even start their own online store within minutes with the help from one of our Tictail Heroes. To truly make it a global experience, Tictail will provide micro loans to enable anyone with a good idea for a creative product to realize their dream and establish an online business. In essence our ambition is to create the world’s most used and loved e-commerce platform with the best relationships between merchants and consumers.

We’re truly just getting started. But every journey must start somewhere and ours started here;  a beautiful online store in a matter of minutes – for free. Diligently we focused on creating a platform that not only would help businesses go online, but in fact help them sell more through the help of the Tictail Feed and our Apps. Through hard work we’ve been able to come far in a short time, creating an experience that 81% of you have recommended to a friend. We’re proud of that, but aim to do better and hope to launch hundreds of new apps which cover everything from the most requested features to marketing tools.

In 2014 our main focus is going to be the consumer experience of Tictail. We strongly believe that in order to build a platform which helps you grow your business we need to make it easier for you to establish great relationships with your consumers. You should be able to have a dialogue with them earlier than once they’ve placed an order. Imagine being able to have a conversation with your customers the moment they walk in the door – like with a physical store. To be able to see immediately what products peak their interest and hear what concerns they might have. To get new customers to come in by having great store window displays. We want to bring that experience online – both for you as well as the consumers. We’re confident it will push us in the right direction towards our vision and benefit our community of entrepreneurs.


We can’t wait to see the impact it will have and hope you’re as excited about the future as we are. We’re going to use this new investment to continue building great products and a thriving community.


Like us, your business is just getting started…


A big thank you!


Joel, Jona, Kaj, Joakim, Pärham, Elin, Siavash, Katryna, Martin, Alex, Livia, Birk, Petter, Erik, Anton, William, Jennie and Carl