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Viktor Bijlenga Designs “Isbjörn” for Tictail

Well, whaddya know, it’s time for our fourth new theme – fresh from the oven! We welcome Isbjörn into our theme gallery.

Viktor Bijlenga, the creator of Isbjörn, thinks fine experiences are generated through well thought-out design and solutions that simply work. He believes in doing good things for good people.

If you’re that “can’t get enough of minimalism” person, Isbjörn is just the theme for you. And psst! Isbjörn is responsive too! :)


Originally, how did you first get into design?

It all started when my mother introduced me to HTML-programming when I was 12 years old. All my friends had recently got a Sony Playstation, but my mother refused to let me buy one. Instead she took me to her work, helped me print out 100 pages of basic-HTML. I remember making a website about lizards. It ignited a side of me that likes to make and build stuff. Design is an integrated part of the process of building, if you try to do good things. I’m focused on trying to do good.

2. What does a day in the life of Viktor Bijlenga look like?

Breakfast and bike to work. I co-own a studio in Karlstad, Sweden called Studio tio together with some freelancers. I usually start my workdays with some JavaScript lessons, since I’m trying to improve my skills. As a front-end-designer I need to teach myself a lot. Then some client work and lunch. After lunch I try to get out for some sun. Then back to the computer for some more client work. Before I go home I answer support questions for my Tictail shop I’m With Friends. Last thing everyday is to open up my todo list and add things for tomorrow.


3. What tools do you rely on in your design process?

Sublime Text 2 is probably my most used app for design/code/writing, together with a regular pen and paper. Dropbox is probably the app that I use all of the time, and forget to tell people that I really like.

4. For anyone looking to become a designer, what advice would you give them?

Aim to improve things in order to become better. Have patience, learn from people that you admire and learn to write. Most important piece of advice. Talk to people. It will change everything, trust me. People are more important than pixels.


5. How did you come up with the style for your Tictail theme?

I wanted to build something that could be used on a tablet and a phone. A simple and minimal interface with focus on the products, nothing else. I can’t wait to see your brand and products inside the theme.