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From the Theme Gallery: Highline

It’s time for us to take a look at our second theme in this series; Highline, designed by Andrew McCarthy really hoists your products right up, making them the focus of attention.

Below are three beautiful examples of up and coming brands on Tictail using Highline! I hope they will leave you feeling as inspired as I did. And remember, this is how great your store can look without even a single bit of coding! :)

Portuguese Noise sells high quality, durable leather accessories such as clutches, coin holders and card holders. The products really stand out in the Highline theme – makes me want to reach out and grab one of them! Take a peek at some of the items in their sale!.


With designs by Jack Featherstone, Heydays and Studio Creme, Elephant Docks have created a store selling stylish wooden iPad docks. Highline really does the trick of showing them off nice and large.


Our third example is Swedish fashion brand Scho. Just proves that Highline is an excellent choice for displaying clothes too, does’t it? Be sure to check out their new arrivals!


Do you know more examples of nice stores using Highline? Leave a comment below!


  • Dimo

    Here is one good example: UnderGround Oasis The store is pretty neat and the theme is made just right for that brand, although there are a few tweaks made! Please share some thoughts…