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Efficient Phone Support for Small Businesses


Voicebox – our latest addition to the App Store!

E-commerce is all about trust. Amazing products are vital – they attract consumers to the store. However, once they’re there they need to be confident that you’ll deliver on time, refund them otherwise and most importantly be available when unexpected issues or questions arise.

The e-commerce giants solve this by being transparent about their business and being constantly available across all channels. Be it over Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or by phone. The latter has always been painful for small online businesses. Until now. Thanks to Voicebox.

With Voicebox you get more than an app. You get a brand new phone number – available to your consumers 24/7 all year round. Without imposing unscheduled interruptions in your daily routine to answer phone calls. Voicebox simply provides an answering machine with your personalized greeting. All messages are then made available directly in your Tictail Feed alongside the Voicebox app. Great, right?


Voicebox will allow you to be professional and provide consumers with a phone number without you having to give up your personal one nor the control of your schedule. Definitely making it worth the $15/month investment, especially considering the fact that Voicebox handles the costs and fuzz with carriers for you as well.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below :)
Or if you need help installing Voicebox, check out this article.