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Celebrating 100,000 Stores

Celebrating 100,000 Stores

We started in a kitchen. So did Eva Gernandt from ByMutti when she launched her brand on Tictail. In fact, we shared the same kitchen. A place where we would spend every single weekend without exception. Building. Taking turns buying and cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner to eat on a table already covered with our computers and Eva’s ceramic prototypes. Having more fun together in the pursuit of our vision than we ever would at all of those Facebook events we never could attend.

That’s how our story began.

We’re proud of our scrappy background. But our pride these days is not fueled by telling memories from the past. It’s from listening to similar stories from our community in the present. A community of one hundred thousand entrepreneurs with incredible stories that we’re honoured to play a role in.

So this is to you. Although we can’t help taking turns with cooking meals, we work hard to continue deserving a seat at your kitchen table. By continuing to making things easier, a lot more fun and social. By listening to your concerns and current challenges. By helping you face them and telling your story as often as we possibly can.

This is Tictail. Where it begins.

Thank you for entrusting us with your story,

Birk & the entire Tictail team

  • Oleg

    Our congradulation to your team!

    Oleg, apps2GROW

    • Livia

      Thanks Oleg!

  • Ren Cuming

    I love this story. All the best things in life start, or happen around kitchen tables! My business started on my kitchen table too.
    Thank you Tictail team for working hard for us, and alongside us small business owners. Tea all round x