New: Automatic Tax Calculation for all American Brands

New: Automatic Tax Calculation for all American Brands
Vera Olsson

Tictail strives to empower the self-made entrepreneur and to make running an online shop easier than ever. While you focus on the creating of great new products, promoting your work, and developing of your brand, we take care of the nitty-gritty details. To make selling online even easier, we’ve just introduced Automatic Tax Calculation for all American brands.

We know United States sales tax is complicated. The different rules, exceptions and rates are enough to give anyone a headache: Which sourcing rule should I apply? Should I charge the rate based on where my business is based or where my customers live? Is shipping and handling taxable? What rate should I apply and how often does it need to be updated? But, don’t worry — we’re making it easy!

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New: Real-time package tracking

New: Real-time package tracking
Martin Hwasser

Earlier this year, we introduced package tracking, making it possible for your shoppers to track their order on Tictail.

Guess what? We just made it even better! Mobile shoppers can now follow their package in real-time through Tictail Talk. They’ll receive relevant push notifications as the package’s location is updated.

Keep your shoppers excited about the order and updated on the package. Simply enter the tracking number and shipping carrier when marking your next order as shipped!

Keep your customers updated with real-time package tracking

Real-time package tracking

The New is all About You

The New is all About You

Today we’re unveiling the new that puts you, our community of 125,000 independent brands, front and center!

You already have the tools you need to succeed on the backend – order tracking, product level shipping and Tictail Talk are just a few of our recent product releases – and we’re working on even more features to make your storefront better.

Now, with the new, our goal is to get your products in front of a global audience of shoppers and empower you to grow further. We couldn’t be happier about establishing Tictail as the shopping destination for the world’s best independent brands.

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Introducing Package Tracking

Introducing Package Tracking

We promised to make shipping better. One part of that was more flexibility when it comes to pricing – but we’re not stopping there: from placing an order to having it in your hand, the whole process should be a delightful experience. Currently, from the moment an order is shipped neither the merchant nor the customer knows much about where that package is, or what happens to it along the way.

Or do they?

Today we’re excited to announce package tracking within Tictail!

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Introducing Tictail Talk

Introducing Tictail Talk

With Tictail Talk, stories from inspiring entrepreneurs, like Elise Peterson from ERP Art, come to life.

Just a couple of weeks ago we were thrilled to celebrate 100,000 brands on the Tictail platform. 100,000 small business owners using our platform to start a new chapter in their careers. 100,000 entrepreneurs with a dream to build global businesses. 100,000 is a huge number, in fact it’s so big that it’s sometime hard even for us to understand what it actually means. It’s only when you go beyond the metrics and meet these amazing entrepreneurs, hear their stories, see their passion, that the weight of this number really comes to life.

This never fails to inspire us.

A big focus at Tictail is to bring all of these amazing stories of entrepreneurship to life. We want to create the most personal shopping experience online. One that is vibrant, social and fun. That feels like the customer and merchant are in the very same room together.

95% of shoppers say that live chat led all other communication channels in customer service. We like those numbers. In fact, our own data shows that shoppers who engage with a brand before a purchase, is twice as likely to buy again in the near future. So we want to help you engage with your customers as much as possible.

Today, we’re very excited to announce Tictail Talk, a new way for you to interact with your customers.

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Celebrating 100,000 Stores

Celebrating 100,000 Stores

We started in a kitchen. So did Eva Gernandt from ByMutti when she launched her brand on Tictail. In fact, we shared the same kitchen. A place where we would spend every single weekend without exception. Building. Taking turns buying and cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner to eat on a table already covered with our computers and Eva’s ceramic prototypes. Having more fun together in the pursuit of our vision than we ever would at all of those Facebook events we never could attend.

That’s how our story began.

We’re proud of our scrappy background. But our pride these days is not fueled by telling memories from the past. It’s from listening to similar stories from our community in the present. A community of one hundred thousand entrepreneurs with incredible stories that we’re honoured to play a role in.

So this is to you. Although we can’t help taking turns with cooking meals, we work hard to continue deserving a seat at your kitchen table. By continuing to making things easier, a lot more fun and social. By listening to your concerns and current challenges. By helping you face them and telling your story as often as we possibly can.

This is Tictail. Where it begins.

Thank you for entrusting us with your story,

Birk & the entire Tictail team

Shipping Just Got Better

Shipping Just Got Better

We started 2015 with a promise. A promise to not only improve shipping, but turn it into one of our greatest strengths. We’re not going to settle and celebrate a sale until it has been delivered. Your customer should love the experience and want to share it with her friends. You should be able to provide a stellar, personal and efficient delivery on the go with a simple click of a button. All with your favourite carrier.

I’m excited to announce the first step towards this goal. Starting today, you can set shipping prices individually per product and how much it should increase for each additional item. Providing a lot more flexibility and control. Not to mention more accurate prices.

Screenshot of Per-Item Shipping

Selling cups? You can set the default shipping price to $4 for one cup – covering the package. So what about customers ordering more than one at a time? No worries. You can make sure an additional $1 is added per cup after the first one.

Detailed view of per-item pricing

However, a cup is useless without a table, and you might be in the business of selling those too. You no longer have to average it all out into a flat rate. You can simply set a different, higher, price for the tables. Great, right?

Thousands of you responded to our shipping survey earlier this year. We listened. Your input guided this first redesign of the shipping settings along with our future roadmap. We started this initiative since a sale should never be associated with a burden. It’s cause for celebration. We won’t stop until you love it. I’m looking forward to continue hearing from you on how we get there.

I can’t wait.

For more information about setting up your shipping prices to better reflect your product shipping costs, see our help article. Or if you just want to jump in, go to your new Shipping Settings.

Thank you,

Birk & the Shipping Team

Congratulations, Tictail!

Congratulations, Tictail!


This letter is to you. To every brand on the platform, to every shopper who has supported our community, to my brilliant co-workers for giving it their everything, to their families for understanding.

Thank you for all of your hard work. Thank you for being so brave – for going against the norm and paving your own path. You inspire me.

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New news: Create Discounts from the Tictail Mobile App

New news: Create Discounts from the Tictail Mobile App

Running your Tictail shop via mobile phone just got even easier – and cheaper. As of today, the Discounts App (previously $1 per month) is free to all Tictail shops on any platform. Not only that, you can now create and launch discounts in your Tictail shop directly through your phone.

What do you need to do? Nothing. It’s already free and already installed in your dashboard. If you already have Discounts, you’ll never see a charge for it again. Just go ahead and start using it! Here are a few reasons why you should:

– Discounts is a great way to create marketing campaigns in your Tictail store. Here are ten discount campaign ideas you can use if you’re low on inspiration!

– Discounts can be used storewide and automatically deducted at checkout, or you can generate promo codes to give out in your social media channels. You can also add a price threshold, to ensure that your customers spend above a certain sum in order for the discount to be applicable.

– Creating a discount is as simple as picking the products or categories you want the discount to be applied to and whether the discount type should be percentage based or money off.

– If you really want to get fancy, discounts are great to use in conjunction with Facebook Ad campaigns, especially if you’re using retargeting. If you’d like a refresher course on all things Facebook ad related, read on.

Happy selling!