Our office in

Stockholm, Sweden

Our office in

New York, USA

Tictail was founded in 2012 by
  • Birk,
  • Carl,
  • Kaj
  • & Siavash
There's over

1,000,000 products

From more than

75,000 online stores

Tictail is built by

39 passionate people

Adam Renberg
Adam Renberg Engineer
Adrien Delessert Engineer
Tictail Yellow Caps
Alex Michael
Alex Michael Engineer
Anton Reimertz
Anton Reimertz Designer
Birk Nilson
Birk Nilson Head of Business Development
Brandon Simins
Brandon Simins Head of Business Operations
Siavash is happy!
Camille Bossoutrot
Camille Bossoutrot Engineer
Carl Waldekranz
Carl Waldekranz CEO
NYC Office
Dan Blackman
Dan Blackman Head of Brand Design
Elin Fokas Office Manager
Kenobi the Shiba Inu
Emelie Samuelsson Support Manager
Erik Eng
Erik Eng Engineer
Martin Melin and Joel Besada super happy style
Erik Olson
Erik Olsson Engineer
Evy Lybeck
Evy Lybeck Designer
Darth Vader And Deploy Hat
Henrik Andersson Engineer
Jennie Wachtmeister
Jennie Wachtmeister Marketing Director
Tictail Team
Jens Wirf
Jens Wirf Data Scientist
Joakim Ekberg
Joakim Ekberg Engineer
Tictail Team
Joel Besada
Joel Besada Engineer
Jona Dahl
Jona Dahl Communication Designer
Code in the Dark in Stockholm
Jonas Oscarsson
Jonas Oscarsson Engineer
Justin Parker
Justin Parker Engineer
Kaj listening to music
Kaj Drobin
Kaj Drobin CPO
Katie Donley
Katie Donley Marketing Assistant
Katryna Jones
Katryna Jones Designer
Livia Moore Community Manager
Hipster Computer
Martin Hwasser Engineer
Martin Hwasser Engineer
Martin Melin Engineer
Tictail Team
Max Blum Engineer
Natalie Selin
Natalie Selin Data Scientist
Pärham Fazelzadeh Engineer
Petter Nilsson
Petter Nilsson Designer
Tictail Yellow Caps
Rachel Fletcher Community Manager
Siavash Ghorbani
Siavash Ghorbani CTO
Tony Hjärtström
Tony Hjärtström Designer
Tyler Faux Engineer
Siavash is happy!
Vera Olsson Engineer
Wilhelm Lundborg
Wilhelm Lundborg General Manager
NYC Office
I like turtles!
William Tisäter Engineer