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Nolita Beach by Tictail - designing the world's best beach towels

Nolita Beach is our celebration of summer and design in New York City. We brought together ten members of the New York design community to use beach towels as canvases for limited-edition artworks.

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Meet Fredrik & Cecilia from Lightwork Stockholm, Sweden

"We get fuel from the same things: Challenging conventions and boring mass-produced stuff with pure quality, neat invention and unleashing beauty from simplicity."

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Shop Lovely Living Room - global interior design objects

Home is where your heart is - and all of your best design accessories. Liven up your living room with this handpicked collection of homegoods.

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It’s a wide world of emerging brands.

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Caroline Hjerpe

I started making jewelry out of curiosity. It was never meant to be anything other than just a fun hobby to do between work and school, something to wear myself. After a while my friends started asking for rings and wanted to buy some and everything just grew super quick! I found out about Tictail shortly after this which made all this possible for me! Now it’s growing and is bigger than I ever could have imagined!

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Crybaby Collective

We do a lot of communicating online and have in-person meetings a several times a month. Our strengths are the support, encouragement, and diversity of perspective that we provide each other. In addition to making products, we each have a “job” within the Collective—secretary, web designer, social media, etc.—and knowing each other so well has helped with divvying up the workload and responsibilities. We understand that each of us is struggling to be a “real adult.” No one is doing something they absolutely despise. Each person has something super specific that they’re excellent at.

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FINSK Julia Lundsten

Inspiration is all around us, different people, cultures, buildings, and architecture is probably the biggest inspiration for FINSK shoes. I also watch a lot of Japanese animations, especially studio Ghibli for colour, mood and detail inspiration. The contrast between larger cities and the very quiet Finnish archipelago where we spend the summers is another source of ideas.

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