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Nolita Beach by Tictail - designing the world's best beach towels

Nolita Beach is our celebration of summer and design in New York City. We brought together ten members of the New York design community to use beach towels as canvases for limited-edition artworks.

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Meet Fredrik & Cecilia from Lightwork Stockholm, Sweden

"We get fuel from the same things: Challenging conventions and boring mass-produced stuff with pure quality, neat invention and unleashing beauty from simplicity."

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Shop Beach Basics - from across the globe

No matter how strong your beach game is, you'll find an upgrade in this collection of Tictail products. From backpacks made in Argentina to bamboo shades and custom beach towels, just don't forget your sunblock.

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Tictail gives you more than an online store – it comes packed with the tools you need. ​From setting up smart Facebook campaigns to managing your social media channels and crafting beautiful email newsletters - wherever you want to take your brand, take it there with Tictail.

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